• Marquee t-shirt

    Marquee t-shirt

    Marquee collection is made of three catchy embroidered statement t-shirts. fabric 100% cottonproduction time 5-7 working days when not in stockmaintenance follow instructions... View Details
  • Nossie


    NOSSIE is a freestanding children's clothing rack, our open wardrobe solution for the impossibly cute little clothes, which you just... View Details
  • beanbo


    Everyone loves a good bean bag. What we advanced in ours is that it has two large handles on top... View Details
  • Hexagon small
    • Hexagon small

    Hexagon small

    Hexagon can be what you want it to be, it accommodates your wishes and transforms in accordance with your needs.... View Details
  • Sold out
    Traveller lamp

    Traveller lamp

    Sold out
    A cordless lightweight lamp you can take anywhere. Shed some warm inviting light wherever you go. Ideal for creating ambiance... View Details
  • Shroom side table/newspaper rack

    Shroom side table/newspaper rack

    You are sure to be seduced by this cutie, not just on account of its beauty but also its smarts.... View Details
  • MONO


    MONO tee is a custom monogrammed t-shirt, designed especially for you. How can you get your hands on this summer... View Details
  • VOIR mirror

    VOIR mirror

    This gorgeous cone-shaped piece was conceived as a hand mirror, one that would fit the hand perfectly, but also be... View Details
  • Bucket bag
    • Bucket bag

    Bucket bag

    The Bucket bag has proved to be useful in many different ways. One, it’s a very cute storage option for... View Details
  • Sold out
    Treestump hanger

    Treestump hanger

    Sold out
    Treestump is a wall hanger that you can put up either vertically or horizontally. Naturally elegant both ways, but if... View Details
  • VOIR jewellery stand

    VOIR jewellery stand

    Voir keeps your precious pieces well displayed and always on hand. Following the idea that different pieces of jewellery are... View Details
  • PUU serving boards

    PUU serving boards

    PUU, Finnish for “wood”, is a set of serving boards which you can rearrange in countless combinations. These sleek five... View Details
  • Hexagon large
    • Hexagon large

    Hexagon large

    Hexagon can be what you want it to be, it accommodates your wishes and transforms in accordance with your needs.... View Details
  • GEM


    GEM is a collection of five jewellery holders inspired by abstract paintings and artist's sketches. Each one is different, yet... View Details
  • RUOKA Canapé set

    RUOKA Canapé set

    RUOKA Canapé came about as a custom made product designed for a private customer’s dinner party with friends. It solved... View Details
  • Traveller Latitude console

    Traveller Latitude console

    You will find this guy right where you left him, waiting reliably to unburden you. Placed in the hallway, he... View Details